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    We’re back! After a short winter break, our clever AI is once again bringing you the latest developments in business and technology. Today, among other things, learn how Meta employees no longer have colleagues …

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    Top Stories

    🤦 Meet your metamates: Not content with just a new name, Meta has also developed a new set of values. Company employees are now called ‘metamates’. The value ‘Meta, Metamates, Me’ reflects a sense of responsibility for the company’s collective success and to each other as teammates. Protocol (1 min) →

    👾 The dark side of Roblox: If your children are active on Roblox, watch out. While kids are using their favorite video game to develop and sell their own games and other items, hackers — known as beamers — are lurking and making a fortune by stealing from them in this highly lucrative ‘mini-economy’. Vice (1 min) →


    🏆 Pick a winning startup: Have you ever wondered how some people have a knack for choosing the right startup to join, while others continually pick duds? This blogger explains her process for evaluating startup opportunities and improving the odds of picking a gem. Dive Deeper (5 min) →

    💰 A question of capital: To raise venture capital or not? A dilemma that, sooner or later, most startups have to consider. One of the founders of typesense explains their thought process and the rationale behind their ultimate decision not to go down the venture capital path. Dive Deeper (10 min) →


    🤝 Good influencing advice, not only for developers: If you ever have to influence people to make change happen, you’ll know just how challenging that can be. Here’s some great advice that you’ll wish someone had given you at the start of your career! Dive Deeper (4 min) →

    📚 How to organize your research: Whether for a brand-new business idea or project, or simply for enjoyment, the ability to research effectively and efficiently is an invaluable skill. A blank sheet of paper and a plethora of information can, however, be very daunting. Here are some tips to help you get organized. Dive Deeper (3 min) →

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    “When you learn how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts.”

    Helen Keller

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