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    The world is full of news and staying up-to-date is more difficult than ever. Shoto is not your typical newsletter: You will find innovative startups, new business ideas and concise market overviews. Stay up to date about the world beyond your bubble and discover trends before they go viral.

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    Good morning and welcome to the future 👋

    Would you like to live and work in an idyllic, tropical location, with beautiful beaches and year-round sun, as well as huge tax breaks and infinite business opportunities? If you’re a crypto enthusiast, one of today’s stories might just inspire you to take the plunge.

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    Top Stories

    📗 Mentor young workers in a remote world: On-the-job learning has always been at the core of personal development. But the increase in remote working has turned this on its head. How can young workers learn from those around them when no one is around? Atlantic →

    Crypto paradise: A life in the sun, with huge tax incentives to boot: What’s not to like? Bitcoin millionaires are flocking in droves to new crypto-hotspot Puerto Rico, where they are building businesses and a whole new community. But not everybody is happy about the influx. CNBC →

    ⚔️ High-tech terrorism: One of Mexico’s most powerful and dangerous criminal bands is allegedly using drones to drop explosives. A video suggests that Jalisco conducted an attack this week in a viciously disputed region of the country. If true, it’s a pretty frightening development. Vice →


    🗂️ Multitasking is overrated: The ability to multitask is highly valued, and seems a vital requisite for almost any job. But is it really a positive quality? This article suggests not, and explains why unitasking may be far more productive. Blog →

    🎥 Pixar tips: David A. Price’s bestseller ‘The Pixar Touch’ chronicles the history and evolution of Pixar, the gold standard of animated film making. Read on for some essential-to-know guidelines on how to create successful Pixar stories. Blog →

    Crypto Twitter Snippets

    1️⃣ NFT Influencer busted →

    2️⃣ Action Required: Critical Vulnerability on Multichain →

    3️⃣ Crazy image showing the cross-chain world →

    Quote of the Day

    “Maturity is the ability to prioritize values before feelings.”

    Mark Manson

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