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    Good morning and welcome to the future 👋

    Who hasn’t, at one time or another, imagined what life might be like in 50 or 100 years? In the 70s, researchers did just that, predicting that many people would, at some point, be living in colonies in space. We’re still not there yet, but their ideas are fascinating.

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    Top Stories

    🧼 More social media backlash: The fallout from the Facebook whistleblower allegations rumbles on. Handmade cosmetics retailer Lush has quit all the leading social media platforms, claiming they are the antithesis of what Lush stands for — helping people unwind and look after themselves. The Guardian

    🌊 Disrupting marine ecosystems: Overfishing in many of the world’s oceans is rife, and certain fish species are fast becoming a rarity. Now scientists have reported even more far-reaching effects, some of which you could probably never have imagined … The Scientist →

    Bitcoin City: Following its introduction of Bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador has now gone one step further. It is planning to build an entire Bitcoin city, complete with housing, offices, bars and restaurants, and even an airport. That’s (Bitcoin) dedication! BBC →


    🙏 Feedback - kind yet effective: Giving feedback is something many managers dread, often softening it to the point where the message is completely lost. Read on to learn new techniques in delivering feedback directly and clearly, but nevertheless kindly. Blog →

    Fun Stuff

    Colonizing space 70s style

    Space 70s - please activate images in your mail client

    Source: Rick Guidice

    Back in 1975, a group of NASA and Stanford University researchers undertook a project to design space colonies of the future. Over 45 years later, we are still firmly earthbound (except for the astronauts and billionaires amongst us!), but these artists’ impressions are still pretty fascinating. Dive Deeper →

    Quote of the Day

    To be great is to be misunderstood.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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