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    Social Media Snippets

    💰 Tip for Tweeters: Twitter’s new “Tip Jar” feature lets you send money to your favorite account as means to support their efforts. Deep Dive here →

    Don’t Say No: WhatsApp’s features will be limited for user that don’t accept the new privacy policy. Deep Dive here →

    🎧 Club Opening: Struggling audio-only social network Clubhouse launches Android app as beta. Deep Dive here →

    Cyber Security Snippets

    💥 Cyber Wars: A massive ransomware attack has shut down one of the largest pipelines in the United States, affecting 50% of the East Coast’s supplies. Deep Dive here →

    🤡 Fake Reviews Exposed: About 200,000 users have been implicated in the Amazon fake product review scam as a result of a data leak. Deep Dive here →

    🧪 Science Attack: An European research institute lost a week’s worth of research data, all thanks to a student trying to save money by buying unlicensed software. Deep Dive here →

    Startup of the Day

    Clim8 Invest, London (UK)

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    Source: Clim8

    What’s the deal: With many long-term risks and uncertainties on the rise worldwide, investors are rethinking their priorities and expressing interest in sustainable investment.

    According to the United Nations, by 2035, the world needs to spend about $2.4 trillion a year on renewable energy to reach climate change goals.

    If you want to contribute, you might want to check out Clim8 invest.

    Clim8, which recently raised $13.7 million in funding, is the first digital investment app dedicated purely to green businesses. It provides simple ways to invest in a portfolio of companies that are fighting climate change.

    Sustainable food, clean energy and technology, recycling, and electric mobility are among the categories covered.

    Why it matters: For most of us, ethical investing remains a challenge because it’s difficult to tell which businesses are genuinely sustainable and which are just “greenwashing” their activities.

    Clim8 aims to change that with their app. The app allows anyone to impact climate change by making sustainable investments in pre-selected and certified companies with sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

    Our take: The focus of the public on climate change is here to stay, which will continue to spur more innovation in financial services like Clim8 for creating a greener world. However, whether platforms like Clim8 can produce a significant return on your money remains to be seen.

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