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    It is estimated that approximately 30% of the world’s population lacks access to safe drinking water. The water purification industry, which includes today’s featured startup, is developing increasingly innovative solutions for purifying even the most challenging of feed waters.

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    Startup of the Day

    LAT Water, London (UK)

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    Source: LAT Water

    What’s the deal:LAT Water has developed new, portable wastewater treatment units with minimal commissioning time. The units can handle even the most difficult feed waters on the market — leachate and contaminated industrial wastewater, for example.

    Funding: £4.7M in seed funding.

    Why it matters: With water shortages plaguing the world, water scarcity has become a serious problem; as a result, it is one of the UN’s main millennium development goals. LAT Water offers proprietary, low-cost, cutting-edge and even portable water cleaning units.

    The LAT technology separates and recovers clean water from extremely contaminated industrial water utilizing waste heat. The system is highly scalable, and claims to deliver cost savings for the operator of up to 60%, a water recovery rate up to 90%, and greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

    Our take: The commercial market for water solutions is massive, and needs innovation more than ever. Startups like LAT Water represent a new wave of water startups that promise a safe water future.

    But, big names in the industry such as Desalitech and Liberation Capital are already addressing the water crisis, and breaking into those established relationships will take time.

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