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    The parents amongst you will know the misery of shoe shopping with children. Two US moms have come up with a solution that eliminates the pain and offers some impressive extra benefits.

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    Startup of the day

    Ten Little, New York (USA)

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    Source: Ten Little

    What’s the deal: Did you know that two out of three kids are wearing the wrong shoe size? Founded in 2019, Ten Little is a children’s shoe company launched by two frustrated moms trying to find the right fit for their toddlers.

    Their solution: PETA and physician-approved vegan shoes that fit perfectly and support natural movement and development. Ten Little has recently received $7.6M in seed funding.

    Underlying trends: Direct-to-consumer (DTC); Fashion-subscriptions; E-commerce sizing technologies

    Why it matters: Ten Little personalizes the buying process. Its Fit Finders feature accurately calculates kids’ shoe and booties size through a quiz or insole prints.

    With a long-term mindset, its predictive data platform tracks children’s growth, sends reminders regarding size up based on age-specific development patterns, and enables shoe reordering via text.

    Parents can also put their children’s outgrown shoes to good use by donating them to Soles4Souls, a non-profit organization with whom Ten Little has a partnership.

    The enterprise has already expanded its product range to include accessories and socks, and has brought third-party brands with similar missions onto its platforms.

    Our take: Ten Little has made buying the right shoes for your kids pretty simple. Its upcycling and environmental-friendly business model has secured a unique position in the $34B kid’s footwear market.

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