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    The transportation of goods is the backbone of virtually every economy. Read how a startup in India is revolutionizing the country’s logistics sector.

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    Startup of the day

    Vahak, India

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    Source: Vahak

    What’s the deal: Founded in India in 2017, Vahak is a fast-growing app-based marketplace for B2B transportation services. It enables logistics companies to connect with brokers, truck owners, and other transporters.

    It has recently raised $5.3M in a pre-series A funding round.

    Underlying trends: B2B marketplaces, Direct-to-Consumer

    Why it matters: Logistics is central to India’s economy, yet operational inefficiencies mean that millions of trucks remain largely idle, resulting in huge monetary losses for the entire logistics sector. The country badly needs efficient and cost-effective transportation for all kinds of cargo.

    Vahak is poised to change the landscape of logistics in India by connecting shippers, carriers, and original equipment manufacturers in real-time.

    The startup claims to cover 10,000 active loads and 8,000 locations across India on a daily basis. Its business model is very similar to the international digital freight platform ‘Full Truck Alliance’.

    Our take: The logistics-tech space is gaining increasing attention from investors as players seek to offer new-age services at scale and at affordable prices.

    Vahak has the potential to revolutionize the logistics sector in India.

    But, the competition is fierce. Vahak’s greatest competitor, Shiprocket, has just raised $94M.

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