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    Who doesn’t love a good tale? Being able to tell a great story is a true skill, and a very valuable one in the world of startups and investment. One of today’s Snippets reveals the perfect formula.

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    Inspiration: Everything is a story — at least, it is if you want to sell or pitch to investors, your boss, or pretty much anyone else. To create a perfect pitch that is sure to win over investors, use Pixar’s ‘Story Formula’. Dive Deeper →

    Cryptos are back: Cryptocurrencies have recovered from regulatory crackdowns and uncertainty to reclaim the $2 trillion market valuation they had in April of this year. Bitcoin has led the current climb, with a value of $48,152, the highest since May 16. Dive Deeper →

    Apple of regret: Apple claims its announcement of automatic features for the iPhone and iPad designed to detect child sexual abuse was ‘jumbled pretty badly’. We believe Apple should have regretted not the communication, but the feature’s release in the first place. Dive Deeper →

    📱 This time T-Mobile: Another day, another data breach. T-Mobile has revealed it is looking into an allegation made on an online forum that claims the personal data of over 100 million subscribers has been compromised. Dive Deeper →

    Startup of the day

    Jeel Platform, Saudi Arabia

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    Source: Jeel Platform

    What’s the deal: Founded in 2020, Jeel Platform is an educational entertainment platform that helps children to develop values and character while enjoying positive screen time. The application consists of series, shows, music, stories, and games.

    Jeel Platform has secured $1.2M in its seed funding round.

    Underlying trends: Edutainment, Parenting, E-learning

    Why it matters: Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, parents have struggled to make life in lockdown more productive and entertaining for their children.

    Designed for children aged between 3 and 9 years, the Jeel platform provides a host of entertainment options. It also offers advice and support for parents, who have complete control over how their child uses the platform, and receive regular watch time, usage, and activity reports.

    The application was designed under the supervision of parenting specialists, and centers on educational and psychological criteria.

    Our take: Digital companions for small children are tricky. They certainly can’t replace face-to-face interaction, which is crucial for children’s development. Nevertheless, interactive educational apps like Jeel are definitely a better option for kids than watching YouTube all day.

    Note, that the website is currently only available in Arabic.

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