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    🇨🇳 China’s GDPR: After Europe enacted stricter data protection legislation in 2016, China is following suit. Any foreign company conducting business in China that entails processing residents’ personal data must deal with the law’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, which means foreign corporations will have to assign local representatives and report to Chinese supervisory bodies. Dive Deeper →

    💉 HIV mRNA vaccine: Before 2020, it wasn’t cool to brag about how much you knew about mRNA to your buddies. Well, thanks to vaccine pioneer Moderna, you now have a new “shot” at bragging: This week, the business began testing mRNA-1644, an experimental mRNA-based HIV vaccine. Dive Deeper →

    🚀 Play long and prosper: Playmobil is boldly going where no one has gone before. On September 8, the German producer of playsets will release an amazing new replica of the USS Enterprise from “Star Trek” to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the sci-fi franchise’s television debut. Dive Deeper →

    🚁 Hydrogen Fuel Drones: Hydrogen could be a viable option for flying without harming the planet. Now, a South Korean firm has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest multi-rotor flight period using a 800W fuel cell power. Dive Deeper →

    Startup Inspiration of the Day

    Rescripted, Colorado (USA)

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    Source: Rescripted

    What’s the deal: Colorado-based Rescripted, also known as Fertility Rescripted, is a healthcare firm that enhances patients’ fertility experiences by delivering a comprehensive care platform. It was founded in 2020.

    Over the course of two seed rounds, Rescripted has raised a total of $1.9 million.

    Overarching trends: Women’s health, reproductive health, healthtech

    Why it matters: One in every eight couples has difficulty conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. It’s even more difficult for couples who haven’t dealt with this type of issue previously to deal with it emotionally.

    With a thriving community and reputable material, Rescripted stays committed to educating and empowering those 1 in 8 couples, as well as providing small group therapy, fulfillment tools, medication management, and a product marketplace.

    Rescripted’s infertility support network allows you to participate in real-time conversations and connect with others who understand and are going through similar experiences.

    Our take: Rescripted provides superior physical and emotional assistance and is endorsed by major publications such as Vogue, BBC, CNN, and others.

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