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    🌋 Sex sells again: In a strange turn of events, content monetization platform OnlyFans decided to revert their decision to ban explicit content completely. Probably the best PR stunt ever conceived… Variety →

    🥩 Print it bloody: Japan’s Wagyu beef is the most expensive beef in the world. One reason to focus on alternatives. Scientists from Osaka University created the world’s first 3D-printed Wagyu beef using stem cells taken from Japanese cattle. The finished piece resembles a real steak, complete with muscle, fat, and blood arteries. Eureka Alert →

    Sweden to repay $1.6M in bitcoin: Sitting in jail might be pretty beneficial at times. While he remained in prison, the value of a convicted drug dealer’s illegally obtained bitcoin surged. The Swedish government has now been ordered to refund him $1.6 million in bitcoin. New York Post →

    🍏 Apple’s Friend: Google has long been known to pay Apple a substantial payment each year to ensure that it stays the default search engine on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. According to a new analysis, Google’s payout to Apple might reach $15 billion in 2021. 9 To 5 Mac →

    Startup Inspiration of the Day

    Weave, Boston (USA)

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    Source: Weave

    What’s the deal: Boston-based startup Waeve is an online platform for trend-forward hair extensions and wigs that are beginner-friendly, come in bold colors, and are Gen Z aesthetic. It aims to offer black women a trusted place for buying contemporary synthetic and human hair wigs.

    Underlying trends: Beauty Tech, Diversity Startups

    Why it matters: Finding a wig online is a notoriously complicated process. There are around 10M vendors out there, all shrouded in secrecy, claiming high quality but with no customer service or enough information.

    It has also curated a lifestyle blog, Waeve World, a grass-roots struggle to establish a community with shared experiences, hair advice, and online tutorial guides

    The first collection of the wigs are themed around days of the week except for Sunday.

    Our take: The global hair wigs and extensions market is valued at $5.8B and is expected to reach $13.3B by 2026. Waeve has high chances of thriving in this industry with more innovations.

    So what: Waeve fills the gap in a world where Black hair isn’t always welcomed, catered, or understood. Can you think of any comparable beauty opportunities for other underserved communities?

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