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    ‘Metaverse’ is the buzzword of the moment. Facebook’s plan to develop a version of it has sparked worldwide interest. Is the metaverse going to change our lives or is it all a load of nonsense?

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    How the metaverse is dividing opinion

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    Source: Facebook

    What’s the deal: Facebook’s intention to develop the metaverse has got the world talking. Opinions are polarized.

    Some think it will revolutionize the way we do just about everything; others think it’s bullshit.

    What the heck is the metaverse?

    Since the metaverse is just an idea so far, there is no universally accepted definition. According to some, it could be the future of the entire internet.

    You could use a headset instead of a computer to enter. Work, play, concerts, or even just hanging out could all be done in this virtual reality.

    With its Oculus headsets, Facebook has invested a lot of money in virtual reality and is betting on being the market leader.

    The divide: Two opposing viewpoints can help to form an opinion about how the metaverse might shape our future.

    The first author claims it’s nonsense because “no one can actually explain why it’s better” and we’ve been playing games and chatting for decades.

    The second author argues that it is easy to dismiss new technologies and that the metaverse is a natural extension of the current internet.

    The bottomline: Virtual realities will continue to become a greater part of our lives. That’s for sure. People are already staring at their phones while walking and, yes, even while driving.

    But, the metaverse is indeed just bullshit, until it isn’t. In the same way that smartphones were a good idea for the masses in theory prior to the iPhone. The metaverse is bullshit until we experience a version that is highly useful, fun and socially accepted.

    In 5-10 years, there will be a metaverse, and we will use it. But I bet it won’t look like anything we’ve imagined so far.

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