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    When it comes to scams, we thought nothing could shock us. Today though, we report on a particularly mean scam, which tugs at the heartstrings and then takes advantage of the victim’s willingness to help those in need. How low will fraudsters go…?

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    1-Big Thing

    Sinister hostage scam on Instagram

    Instahack - please activate images in your mail client

    Source: Motherboard

    “I am going to kill myself, please you stole everything from me. Please give me my Instagram back please,” a victim said in response to a hacker who had taken over her account.

    What’s the deal: A new sort of Instagram scam is sweeping the platform.

    Hackers get access to Instagram accounts through “social engineering,” a deception method involving friends and relatives.

    If you want your account back, you must follow the hackers’ instructions.

    An imposter grabbed $3K from one victim’s account and kept it ‘hostage’ until she agreed to promote a get-rich-quick scheme.

    Why it’s Important: Scams on Instagram are nothing new. This one, on the other hand, is double nefarious.

    Our advice: Be cautious when ‘old pals’ call and double-check that it’s actually them before revealing any personal information.

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