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    Using dislike buttons to harass creators on social media is a common ploy and is particularly damaging for new creators. Find out how YouTube has taken a stand against the bullies and saboteurs.

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    🇨🇳 Technology boosts China’s military power: The US Department of Defense’s 2021 report on Chinese Military Power reveals the growing challenge that China poses to US interests in and beyond the Indo-Pacific. China’s use of emerging technologies supports its strategy of ‘intelligentized’ warfare. CFR →

    👎 Tackling dislike attacks: Harassment on YouTube via dislike attacks is a huge problem, particularly for new and smaller channels. The company has now made the dislike count visible only to creators, which it’s hoped will reduce the volume of attacks. Google →

    🎲 No, no NFT: Discord, the popular messaging network, has put a pause on studying crypto and NFTs after receiving harsh feedback from users. TechCrunch →

    😕 Avoid spookiness: “Let’s talk when you have a moment”: Such words from the boss are guaranteed to spook us and create panic. This article explains why context, clarity, and timely feedback prevent assumptions and fear, and improve team relationships. Blog →

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    Source: Shizune

    What’s the deal: If you are a fresh founder looking to secure funding, this could be interesting.

    This new startup offers to match you automatically with potential investors.

    Why it matters: Getting funded is a heck of a lot of work. It’s almost a full-time job for funders.

    Any platform offering to reduce the amount of time needed will be in serious demand.

    How it works: Shizune can help you connect with potential investors in your industry, stage, and country.

    Shizune starts by identifying and creating a list of investors who have already invested in your business sector.

    It can then use this list to reach out to people on your behalf and ask for introductions, send cold emails, and set up meetings.

    Our take: We haven’t tried out the platform ourselves, so we can’t comment on the quality. The team behind it was looking for money and so solved a problem for themselves. If any of you try it out, let us know, and we’ll report back to our readers! →

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