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    Have you been working from home during the pandemic? In theory, it’s a great idea — a relaxed environment, no commuting, maybe even flexible working hours. But how’s the reality? Probably light years away from that ideal! Read on to find out why.

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    💣 Anti-Big Tech movement: Facebook and Google now monopolize the digital ad market, causing a huge loss of revenue for local newspapers across the US. Over 200 of them have filed antitrust lawsuits in a bid to turn the tide. The outcome of the litigation could just result in far-reaching changes. Axios →

    👓 Current state of AR glasses: AR glasses seem to be everywhere, yet they are still years away from being mainstream. At least, that’s the view of The Verge, which reviews the latest offering from Snap. The verdict? A number of interesting features, some great positives, but still a significant number of limitations. The Verge →

    ☄️ Holograms may soon replace video calls: Star Trek enthusiasts will recognize it as a highly futuristic mode of travel. However, it suddenly doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched. A Swiss businessman, determined not to be thwarted by corona travel restrictions, beamed himself into a trade show in China as a life-sized, 3D hologram. BBC →

    1-Big Thing

    Remote Work Should Be (Mostly) Asynchronous

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    Source: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

    What’s the deal: The Corona-related work-from-home edict, forced on millions of employees around the world, should have been a dream come true — no commuting; a more relaxed environment; for many, a chance for more flexible working patterns.

    Companies took the opportunity to accelerate their digitalization plans, implemented the latest remote-working technology, and assumed that the result would be more efficiency and happy employees.

    Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different — longer working hours, 24/7 availability, back-to-back Zoom calls, constant electronic interruptions.

    Why it matters: Employees are stressed; output and quality of work is suffering.

    Digital tools only reap benefits if they are used effectively. In simply moving their offices online, companies forgot that successful remote working demands completely new attitudes and ways of working.

    Our take: It’s not only about technology when it comes to remote work. There are some excellent tools available, but corporate leaders must consider how (and when!) they will utilize them. A number of new tools for asynchronous communication are now available. To avoid constant Zoom fatigue, businesses should begin experimenting with these.

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    Quote of the Day

    “Beauty does not come from decorative effects but from structural coherence.”

    Pier Luigi Nervi

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